We understand the importance of protecting your company’s most valuable asset.

We combine our expertise with world-class training to provide you always the ultimate safety consulting services. We are providing expert safety consultants which are trained in the current best safety practices for your industry.


Dangers to people manifest themselves in many ways

The I.S.A Wolf offers hazard assessments and tailor-made security concepts for the armed protection of high-risk customers worldwide by technically trained employees.

We develop protection concepts, including risk assessment & mitigation plans, for vulnerable infrastructures, people and assets.

Prevention is the key to success!
– Concept creation
– Organization of the process
– Customer care during inspections, determination of the number of required security personnel– Planning of barriers and their structure
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One of the greatest benefits of using an outside consultant is that they can provide you with a fresh, unbiased perspective on security issues in your business.


For someone who doesn’t have to deal with your company every day, it is easier to identify problems and gaps in your security system and according to this finding solutions for them.